• Reliable insurance quickly and easily

    You no longer have to pay separately for each trip abroad.

    Do you travel internationally often? For seaside holidays, skiing, romantic weekends or shopping? By yourself, or with your family?

    For a few crowns, you can give yourself total peace of mind.

    Travel Insurance is provided in partnership with the BNP Paribas Cardif Insurance Company.

  • Year-round Travel Insurace

    Europe, the Americas, and other continents - wherever you go, you can rest easy.

    No matter where you go, or how often you go abroad - the price of insurance remains the same.

    Every time you leave the Czech Republic, you will automatically purchase insurance for 90 days. It’s convenient for both frequent and longer stays. Additionally, you can enjoy free assistance services.

    Insurance is valid from the day after it is settled through internet banking or at any Equa bank branch.

  • Only needs to be arranged on-line or in a branch

    Settle your travel insurance online and begin your journey with confidence.

    Arranging insurance is easy through Internet banking or at a branch.

  • Insurace for your travels

    Insurance for your travels can not be arranged via our mobile app since 1. 9. 2022

    Insurance is valid when arranged before 1. 9. 2022.