• Offset mortgage

    We will help you fulfil your dreams.

    An offset mortgage (a combination of a classic mortgage and a special savings account) will allow you to influence actively the amount of interest paid on the mortgage by depositing money in a savings account established in a bank. You pay monthly mortgage interest only on the difference between the current mortgage balance and the savings account balance. You can withdraw funds from the savings account at any time.

    Suitable when:

    • You have saved a certain amount of money or you are gradually saving and you need to keep the money in reserve.
    • You want to finance any housing expenses.


    • A savings mortgage helps you save on interest. The more you save in your savings account, the smaller your monthly mortgage payment will be.
    • Savings in the savings account are always available and you can withdraw them at any time.

    How offset mortgage works - example:

    The current balance of the mortgage loan is CZK 2,000,000. Assuming that CZK 400,000 is deposited in the savings account, interest on the mortgage will be calculated only on the amount of CZK 1,600,000.

  • Topping up your current mortgage loan

    Easy to get more money.

    Possibility to borrow funds beyond your existing mortgage.

    With our offer, you will get additional finance at a favorable interest rate, and in addition, we will not require a new property valuation from you.

  • Refinancing of mortgage is free

    Mortgage refinancing is free with us.

    In addition, you get for free:

    • granting a mortgage
    • mortgage management and administration
    • first drawdown of the loan
    • current account in CZK and card withdrawals from all ATMs in the Czech Republic
  • Lock in a special rate up to 24 months in advance

    Refinancing your mortgage doesn’t have to wait - it can adapt to your needs.

    Lock in your mortgage rate now, even if the fixed interest term of your old mortgage isn’t over for 24 months. Don’t wait until mortgages become more expensive again.

    If you need more money to renovate your property, we can increase your mortgage amount.

    Basic parameters for the transfer of your mortgage:

    Mortgage amountfrom 500 000 CZK to 90% of the value of your property
    • up to 24 months after loan approval
    • we send money to repay the refinanced mortgage directly to the original lender's account
    • up to 20% for financing minor reconstructions we send to your current account (without the need to document invoices)
    Interest rates
    • with a fixed validity period of 1-7, 10 and 15 years
    • for an offset mortgage 1-5 years
    Length of repaymentfrom 5 to 30 years
    Repaymentmonthly annuity payment, fixed for the duration of the interest rate
    Securityresidential property, completed and approved, in good condition

    Variations of mortgage

    Non-purpose mortgage if you are interested in refinancing a non-purpose
  • Property estimate

    We offer online appraisal of apartments for free and accept original estimates.

    Our mortgage advisors will be happy to explain the terms of each option.

    If it is necessary to prepare a standard property valuation, we will find a suitable appraiser and order the appraisal for you.

  • Preferred mortgage insurance

    With mortgage insurance, avoid any concerns that might compromise your budget.

    Combined with your mortgage payment, you can arrange convenient payment protection insurance, property, and home insurance.

  • Refinance quickly and conveniently

    Easily transfer your mortgage without complicated paperwork.

    The basic required documents are: loan agreement of the refinanced loan, quantification of early repayment of the refinanced loan.

    Refinancing your mortgage can be arranged at any of our mortage centres. Make an appointment with a mortgage adviser through our contact form by clicking on the button "Contact an Advisor".

Representative example

 Loan amount: CZK 3,000,000; term: 30 years; total number of instalments: 361; monthly payment: CZK 18,160; five-year fixed interest rate: 6.09% p.a.; APR: 6.32%; total amount to be paid by the consumer: CZK 6,567,356. Fees associated with the loan: Fees associated with the loan: zero fee for provision of the mortgage loan; monthly account management fee CZK 49; zero mortgage management and administration fee; zero monthly fee for payment protection insurance fee. In addition to the above, you will incur the following costs in connection with the mortgage: assumed costs for real estate appraisal in the amount of CZK 4,900 (in case of a residential unit), fee for withdrawal after submission of the pledge entry into the cadaster CZK 1,900, costs of registration of the mortgage right concerning the real estate in the Land Registry in the expected amount of CZK 2,000; costs to de-register the mortgage right and other rights from the Land Registry upon termination of the mortgage loan in the expected amount of CZK 2,000; costs of authentication of signatures in the expected amount of CZK 240; costs of an extract or copy of an entry from the Land Registry in the amount of CZK 350. All of the above items are included in the APR. In addition, property insurance is required. The loan is secured by a mortgage right concerning the real estate.