• Fixed rate

    Term deposits yield more value from your money.

    Your interest appreciates as you let interest accumulate from your deposit within a specified time and withdraw the money only after the term expires. If you have spare funds that you do not plan to use in the near future, a term deposit is the ideal solution. 

    Your entire deposit earns a fixed rate regardless of the amount of the deposit.

    Term deposit CZKInterest rate
     3 months0.01% p. a.
    6 months0.01% p. a.
    12 months0.01% p. a.
    18 months0.01% p. a.
    24 months0.01% p. a.
    36 months0.01% p. a.
    48 months0.01% p. a.
    60 months0.01% p. a.
  • Free - no charges

    You pay nothing for term deposits - on the contrary, you earn money.

    Establishment and maintenance of a term deposit is free of charge. Online statements are also free.
    The minimum amount of the term deposit is 20 000 CZK. Term deposits can be established in CZK, EUR, and USD currencies. You must have a current account in the same currency.

  • Deposits are insured by law

    Deposits up to the equivalent of 100 000 EUR are automatically insured by law.

    Deposits are insured through a single bank for a single customer (one personal identification number). The insurance also covers interest earned on deposits.

  • Easily set up your deposit

    Fast, easy, and free.

    Term deposits can be opened at any of our branches, or online from the comfort of your home.

    • If you are our customer, your term deposit can be set up through internet banking.
    • If you are not yet a customer, you can open your term deposit at a branch. Simply make an appointment.

    If you need your money before the deposit matures, you can terminate your deposit early.