Privacy protection and cookie management 

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files which are stored in the browser of a computer, notebook, and smartphone when a website or application is loaded. These files or other similar features enable Equa bank a.s. or third parties to more easily identify the way you use websites and available applications, to communicate with you better, to enable you to take out a loan, to detect fraudulent behaviour or to effectively target marketing activities. Cookie management of our website or applications does not work should you be using any method of blocking cookies and similar features in your browser.

For many of our products, cookies or similar features must be in place for the website or application to work or for a service to be provided (i.e. obligatory, necessary cookies). In other cases, we need your consent to use cookies. We use device fingerprinting (obtaining digital fingerprints of devices) due to our obligation to assess your trustworthiness, to prevent and to detect fraud when financial services are being applied for. 

Cookies and similar techniques do not pose any danger to a computer itself but are significant in terms of privacy protection. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, unless the browser has a different setting. You can restrict or block cookies in the setting of your web browser using the Settings icon and the section titled Privacy protection and security

Consent to cookies

Based on your consent, we use statistical and marketing cookies which enable us to provide advertising and relevant services you are interested in. It is up to you whether you accept such cookies and other similar features by either pressing the button Accept all cookies, or by setting consents to cookies based on your preferences and needs by granting consents in the Cookie settings. Equally, you may change the consents granted in the section titled Manage consent pre-settings (e.g. with the use of, Cookies tab) at any time, and the withdrawal of consent does not impact on the legality of processing based on the consent which was granted before its withdrawal. A consent is granted for the period of six months, unless you withdraw it earlier. When six months from granting the consent elapse, you will be informed again.   To manage your consents, we use the Cookie Consent Management application, provided by OneTrust Technology Limited, a private limited company seated in London, the UK. 

Cookies of third parties

Such cookies are managed by third parties and we do not have access to reading or recording such data. These are systems to deliver advertising or to analyse website traffic.

Additional general information on processing of personal data can be found on our website in the section titled Important Documents. 

An overview of all used cookies can be found here.