Deposit via Czech Post

Basic information

  • What does EQUA mean?
    The base of the word Equa derives from Latin - refers to equality, fairness and openness, that is, characteristics that are for Equa bank typical.
  • What products does Equa bank offer?
    Equa bank offers current and savings accounts, term deposits, contactless payemt cards, mortgages, loans, telephone and internet banking, including a mobile version for smartphones.


Payment card

  • How can I apply for a new payment card?

    You may easily apply for a new payment card in your internet banking in the Cards – Card Settings – Change Card section. As a Reason select Change Card Type. You can also reissue the card in mobile app. The change of payment card as well as its dispatch is free of charge.

  • When will I be able to see all contactless payments in my internet banking?
    You will see all contactless payments immediately upon their billing in the Transaction History overview.
  • To which account do I get a contactless payment card?
    Contactless payment card is issued to the CZK current account.
  • Can I use the card abroad? What to do when travelling abroad?

    You can use your card abroad just like you do within Czech Republic. Only make sure the disposal balance at current account and card limit are sufficient for the transaction. If you plan a travel abroad, let us know you are leaving (especially to where and for how long) on e-mail: customer.service@equabank.cz.

  • Is the new contactless card free of charge?

    The issuance and maintenance of standard debit card is free of charge. If you choose gold card there is a maintenance fee according to your chosen type.

  • When will be my card delivered?

    The standard letter with a card sent via Czech Post is standardly delivered within 7 business days to the client’s post box at the correspondence address (the term is counted since the day in which you received an SMS with information about issuing of the card). 

    Should the Czech Post not be able to deliver it, it will return the letter to us during another 7 business days. If you receive an SMS with information that the card was returned to the sender or you do not received neither the SMS, nor the card within 14 business days since the issuing day, please contact us on the customer service telephone line stated below. 

  • What should I do when I do not recognize card transaction on my account?

    First of all block your card (at least temporarily). If it possible, try to contact the merchant and ask them why they charged your card. In case there is no way to solve the issue directly with the merchant, submit the form Cardholder declaration of disputed transaction. You may also call us on customer service line +420 222 010 222 so we can advise the best possible solution.

  • What should I do in case of card expiration?

    We take care of card replacement. A month before card expiration you will receive an SMS notification. Your new card will be issued and send to you correspondence address time ahead.

  • What should I do in case that my card was lost/stolen?

    In case of loss or theft, you can block the card through your internet banking, mobile app, or immediately contact our Customer Service at +420 222 010 222.

  • Can I change the PIN for my debit card?

    The PIN code may be changed anytime in your Internet banking or in mobile application in your card’s detail. When changing the PIN, it is necessary to confirm it with an authorisation SMS code. The change via mobile app needs to be confirmed by the app’s passcode. After the PIN change, it is necessary to make a contact transaction (via the card’s chip, not contactless). 

    You may change the PIN code to any PIN code you want, even one you had set in the past or one which is set in the system currently.

  • How can I change the limits for card payments?

    You can change the partial limits in your internet, mobile or telephone banking. Total limit can be changed only in the internet banking.

  • What should I do when disputing card transaction?

    Send the completed claim form Cardholder declaration of disputed transaction, which you will find at the website, to the e-mail customer.service@equabank.cz or submit it at one of our branches. The claim will be processed within 35 days and you will be informed within 15 days about progress of the solution.

  • What shall I do with the original card after I have received the new one?
    By activating your new card the original payment card will be permanently blocked. Therefore, activate your new payment card in your internet banking first – according to instructions you will receive together with the card. Please dispose of the original payment card by cutting it across the chip and magnetic stripe.
  • How can I pay using the contactless Debit Mastercard?

    This payment card enables you to make both standard payments (by inserting the card in a terminal) and contactless payments (by holding the card over a terminal). The card also enables standard cash ATM withdrawals. You may also pay on the internet or add the card to device with NFC.

  • What are the limits for contactless payments?
    Limits are added to the total amount of weekly limits you have set for “Shop Payments”. You may change these limits in your internet banking in the Cards section.

Google Pay - NFC payments

  • What is Google Wallet?

    Google Wallet is a service that enables payments in shops just by tapping the payment terminal with a mobile device using the Android operation system and the NFC technology.

    Payments made with a mobile device are very easy and convenient. 

  • How do the Google Wallet payments work?

    For payments up to CZK 500 it is needed to turn on the screen of your mobile device and then tap the payment terminal with it. For payments exceeding CZK500 it is needed to unlock the screen of the mobile device, tap the payment terminal with the device and wait until the payment has been processed.  Subsequently the confirmation of your transaction will be displayed on the screen of your device.  In some cases you might be prompted repeatedly to unlock your phone for enhanced security reasons.

  • Can I use my phone with the Google Wallet app for ATM withdrawals?
    Yes, you can, provided the ATM has a contactless NFC reader. Turn on the screen of your mobile phone (no need to unlock it) and just tap it on the reader. The screen of the ATM will always prompt you to enter your card PIN (no matter whether the phone is unlocked or not). Then follow the instructions on the ATM screen.
  • Why can’t I add my card in the Google Wallet app?

    Make sure that a) the card you are adding is a payment card issued by Equa bank, b) you are connected to the internet, c) your mobile device supports the NFC technology and has the Android operation system version 5.0 or higher installed.

  • Can I add my payment card into the Google Wallet app in multiple devices?
    Yes, you can. However, you need to be aware that you are responsible for all devices in which the payment card has been added into the Google Wallet app.
  • What do I need to make payments with my mobile phone?

    A mobile phone with the Android operation system version 5.0 or higher and with the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Also your Equa bank payment card needs to be registered in the Google Pay mobile app, which you can download from Google Play into your mobile phone. In order to make safe payments, it is necessary to set the screen lock on your phone.

  • Is it safe?
    Yes, the payments are completely safe. Upon adding in the Google Pay app, the payment card number is saved neither in the device, nor in the app.  During the payment, card details are not shared either with Google, or merchants.
  • What are the fees?
    The bank does not charge any fees for using Google Pay.

Apple Pay

  • What devices does Apply Pay work on?
    Apple Pay works on these phones: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone SE; tablets: iPad (6th and 5th generation), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 3; Apple Watch and also Mac models 2012 and later that are connected to an iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • How much does the Apple Pay service cost?
    The Apple Pay service costs you exactly CZK 0. We provide this service to you free of charge.
  • Can I use Apple Pay for online payments?
    Yes, if the given Internet shop takes Apple Pay. In payment selection, tap Buy with Apple Pay and confirm the payment on your mobile phone with a fingerprint or Face ID. Your phone has to be connected to the Internet.
  • Do I need to be connected to the Internet or have a phone signal when I’m paying?
    You don’t need the Internet for contactless payments or to withdraw cash. As soon as you add your card to Apple Pay, you can use it for payments without a connection. Of course you will need an Internet connection to make online payments.
  • How can I turn off the payment confirmations that Apple sends me?

    In Wallet, choose the card and tap the button (three dots) in the upper right corner. This takes you to Card details, go to the Transactions tab, and turn off Notifications there. Or in Settings on your phone, go to the Wallet app and Apple Pay and select your card. This takes you to Card details, go to the Transactions tab, and turn off Notifications there.

  • What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

    To use Apple Pay, you need to authorize each card with Touch ID, Face ID or your passcode. To remove the card from the lost/stolen device contact our customer service line +420 222 010 222 or visit your Apple ID account page. For more information click here. If the card is lost or stolen, block it immediately in your internet banking, mobile application or call our customer service. Once the card is blocked, it is not possible to use it for payment with mobile phone.

Minute loan

  • Zkratka RPSN a její přesný význam

    Díky RPSN (roční procentuální sazbě nákladů) můžete přesněji porovnat výhodnost různých úvěrů, protože je v ní zahrnuta nejen úroková sazba, ale i všechny poplatky, které jsou s úvěrem spojené a dále také to, jak dlouho a v jakých intervalech je daný úvěr splácen.

    U našich půjček nejsou žádné poplatky a přesto je RPSN vyšší než úroková sazba. To právě díky tomu, že naše půjčky jsou spláceny měsíčně. 

  • What makes the Loan better than loans from your competition?
    We guarantee you a low interest rate of the loan over its entire duration. By far, this is not a rule; banks tend to include many “ifs” and “whens”, so you may eventually find out that the loan is more expensive than expected. We do not conceal anything from you. In addition, your loan and current account will be maintained free of charge. And last but not least – nowhere is obtaining a loan as simple and fast as at Equa bank.
  • How fast may I obtain the Loan?
    At a branch in several minutes. If you wish to have your agreements delivered to you by a courier, you will obtain funds in several days at the latest. Your application is always approved on-line.
  • What are the fees for obtaining and monthly maintenance of the Loan?
    You do not pay any fee for obtaining or monthly repayment of the Loan. The current account through which the loan is repaid is also maintained free of charge.
  • What are the conditions for obtaining the Loan?
    If you are at least 18 years old and have a regular income, there are not any additional conditions of approval.
  • Do I have to open a current account with the Loan? How much does it cost?
    A current account will be opened to you together with the Loan, because you will use it for repayment. We guarantee a free maintenance and standard bank services over the duration of Loan. In addition, your account has many benefits including the contactless payment card enabling free withdrawals from all ATMs in Czech and worlwide.
  • I am not a Czech citizen. May I also apply for the Loan?
    Yes, we can grant a Loan also to you. Simply drop by any of our branches where everything needed will be arranged with you.


  • Co znamená zkratka RPSN a jaký je její přesný význam?

    Díky RPSN (roční procentuální sazbě nákladů) můžete přesněji porovnat výhodnost různých úvěrů, protože je v ní zahrnuta nejen úroková sazba, ale i všechny poplatky, které jsou s úvěrem spojené a dále také to, jak dlouho a v jakých intervalech je daný úvěr splácen.

    U našich půjček nejsou žádné poplatky a přesto je RPSN vyšší než úroková sazba. To právě díky tomu, že naše půjčky jsou spláceny měsíčně. 

  • I find it strange – can one believe it? Why would any bank do such a thing?
    No tricks, no hitches, no asterisks below the line. We are a new bank which does things differently. We are smaller and more efficient. Compared to large banks, our operating costs are much lower. We offer services at prices which pay off to us and keep our clients happy.
  • What does a loan transfer mean?
    Transferring your current loan, we refinance it at more convenient terms. And we really mean it – while the number of remaining instalments of your current loan stays the same, you will repay a lower amount with us. In addition, we will offer you a current account with a free maintenance and regular bank services, which will further increase the amount saved.
  • What is the certainty that I will really save on having my loan transferred?
    A reduction of the current interest rate and no fees for the maintenance of a current and loan accounts for the entire period of repaying a ReLoan are guaranteed with us. This is a real guarantee of money saved. Most loan providers will usually promise you to cut your instalments by means of refinancing or consolidation, which will increase the number of instalments and result in you paying more in total.
  • I have already consolidated my loans into one. May I still use refinancing and achieve some savings?
    Certainly, transferring your loan is an especially suitable tool for consolidating it. Consolidation will usually make your repayment easier by cutting your instalments. But the number of instalments increases and you end up paying much more for interests and fees. We guarantee you a lower interest rate and free bank services. You will make real savings with us
  • How is it possible to save so much on a loan?
    It is simple. We guarantee a reduced interest rate. This alone makes every client feel assured that their monthly instalment will be cut. In addition, Equa bank charges no fees which are often concealed in loans provided by other institutions. For instance CZK 50 for loan administration. And CZK 99 for maintenance of a current account which you often must open for a loan. This amounts to CZK 149 a month. Considering the fact that you will be repaying your loan for the remaining 4 years, this adds up to 48 instalments. By transferring your loan, you will save 48*149 = CZK 7,152 on monthly fees alone. Throwing good money after bad may not be worth here.
  • How fast may I obtain a ReLoan?
    The on-line approval takes 1 minute. The transfer of your loan will be arranged on your behalf by the bank. All we need is a copy of the agreement about your existing loan. You may bring it in person to our branch, upload it on-line or send by mail. Then you only need to sign an agreement at a branch or have it delivered to you for free by a courier. Everything else will be arranged for you.
  • What if I want to change something? To obtain funds or extend the repayment period?
    ReLoan is flexible. You select parameters such as repayment period (you may shorten or extend it) or extra money. If you do not like the due date, you may change it on-line in your internet banking.
  • What are the fees for obtaining and monthly maintenance of the ReLoan?
    ou do not pay any fee for obtaining or monthly repayment of the ReLoan. The current account through which the loan is repaid is also maintained free of charge.
  • May I obtain a ReLoan for a loan which I do not have with a bank?
    Yes, ReLoan may be used to repay any current consumer loan or lending you may have. You may use it to repay a consolidated loan, any cash loan, purpose-bound or non-purpose-bound loan with a bank or any other non-bank institution.
  • How can I find out the precise amount of savings achieved by transferring my loan?
    Your savings can simply be calculated using our calculator. There is no trick about it. You may save up to thousands of CZK on interests and fees over the repayment period with us.
  • Is transferring a loan difficult for the client? Does it take a lot of time?
    It is not difficult. You may arrange everything on-line or by telephone without having to go to a branch. You may also visit our branch. This is not time-consuming. If you have the necessary documents (a copy of agreement about the existing loan), we can arrange everything at a branch in one visit.
  • What are the conditions for obtaining a ReLoan?
    We are waiting for you if you are at least 18 years old and have a loan.
  • Do I have to open a current account with a ReLoan? How much does it cost?
    A current account will be opened to you together with your ReLoan, because you will use it for repayment. We guarantee a free maintenance and standard bank services over the entire duration of ReLoan. In addition, your account has many benefits including a contactless payment card enabling free withdrawals from all ATMs in the CR.
  • Is it consolidation?
    No. Consolidation is merging more loans into one. A monthly instalment is reduced, but you pay for a longer period of time, and thus much more.
  • I am not a Czech citizen. May I also apply for a ReLoan?
    Yes, we are ready to grant a ReLoan also to you. Just drop by in any of our branches where we will arrange everything we need with you. However, be aware of the fact that ReLoan can be used to refinance loans provided and maintained by financial institutions in the Czech Republic. We cannot refinance a loan maintained anywhere abroad.
  • Can I get some extra money with my ReLoan?
    Yes, ReLoan usually goes together with the option of some extra money. You will find out how much you can get on top your loan immediately upon filling the online ReLoan application.
  • Can I use my ReLoan for several loans?
    Yes, it is possible. In order to clearly meet our commitment to guarantee that every loan of yours will be cheaper, we refinance every loan separately. Consequently, we guarantee that every loan has a rate discount and that all the fees have been cancelled. You will thus clearly see your specific savings for every loan transferred.

Repayment problems

  • Reporting to registers

    Banks are obliged to update the status of all existing loans in credit registers every month. The information on the status also includes the amount of the currently paid monthly installment. The registers will therefore state that the installment paid is lower than agreed. Some financial institutions may interpret this reduction negatively. Even so, information on a lower installment is perceived significantly more positively than information on a fully deferred or due installment. Outstanding installments often lead to the rejection of further loan applications.

  • How can I prevent repayment problems?

    • Choose a suitable instalment date. The best date is four days after your paycheck is deposited to your account. You’ll have money available for the instalment even if your paydate falls on a weekend or a holiday. You can make the change free of charge in your Internet banking or by calling our Client hotline at 222 010 222.

    • Keep an eye on transfers. If your paycheck or other source of income is not deposited to an Equa bank account, i.e. you transfer the money for the instalment from another bank, set up a standing order – you won’t have to worry about it and you’ll minimize the risk of forgetting a transfer.

    • Allow for extra time. If you use the postal service to send money for instalments, put in the order several days before the instalment date because this service often takes much longer than a bank transfer.

    • Consider the instalment amount. When you take out a loan, set the instalment amount so that at least 20% of your monthly income is left on your account after subtracting your reoccurring and regular expenses, including the instalment.

    • Consider repayment insurance, particularly for larger loans and mortgages. It can help you out if you suddenly lose your job, have an unexpected injury or experience a long-term illness https://www.equabank.cz/en/loans/loan/insurance and https://www.equabank.cz/en/mortgages/purpose-mortgage/insurance

  • My financial situation has changed and I’m afraid that I won’t have enough money to cover the instalment. What should I do?

    • The fastest way to reduce the reoccurring burden on your family budget is to extend the loan maturity period, which lowers the monthly instalment amount. Just call our Client hotline at 222 010 222. Extending your maturity period is free. But we should point out that the total amount to be repaid will be higher with a longer maturity period.

    • If your situation is more serious, you can request a temporary repayment postponement. Requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis and request processing is free. However, these operations are reported to the CBCB – the Czech Banking Credit Bureau – and may lower a client’s creditworthiness in the future.

  • I didn’t pay an instalment. What’s going to happen now?

    • We understand that you’re in a difficult situation and we know that it can happen to anyone. If you fall into debt to Equa bank, it is always a good idea to begin dealing with the situation pro-actively with the operators in our receivable management department. They are available on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 222 010 010 or via e-mail at sprava.pohledavek@equabank.cz. We work with you to find and agree on a solution that works for both parties. 

    • If you are late paying an instalment, we first send you a free warning (by text message, e-mail or phone). At that point you can still pay the debt without incurring any penalties.

    • Clients who do not communicate for a longer period and/or repeatedly, or fail to deal with the situation actively, are subject to the following penalties: payment of targeted expenses of CZK 499, interest on late payments and an entry in credit registers, which decreases the client’s creditworthiness significantly with other banks in the case of additional loan applications. The bank is also entitled to assign receivable recovery to an external collection agency, which contacts clients on behalf of the bank, sometimes in person.

    • Here is an example of how a debt can increase if it is not addressed – a situation that can be avoided if the client communicates in a timely manner and makes an effort to address the situation:

      • A debt of CZK 100,000 for 3 months, with late payment interest of 10% (Repo rate set by the Czech National Bank valid for the period in which the default occurred, currently 2%, and increased by 8 percentage points per government order, making a total of 10%), contractual interest of 5.9% and the costs of sending 2 payment reminders: 

      • owed amount +contractual interest +reminders +late payment interest = debt due to non-repayment

      • CZK 100,000 + CZK 1,475 + (2 x CZK 499) + CZK 2,500 = total of CZK 104,973

    • If a debt is not addressed for a long time, the bank may accelerate the loan and demand immediate payment of the entire outstanding principal. In the most extreme cases, the situation may require court enforcement and distraint. However, the bank’s goal is to help clients overcome such adverse situations and engage clients in resolving them to the satisfaction of both parties.

Current Account

Savings account

Term deposit



Mobile application

  • What are the formats of the passcode?

    You may set a numeric code (4-digit, 6-digit, 8-digit) or an alphanumeric (minimum of 6-digit).

  • How do I allow notifications from the Equa bank mobile app?

    After you sign in, click on user tab on the bottom right bar, go to Settings in the upper left corner and in the Services section allow notifications, so that we can send you notifications through the mobile app.

  • How many log-in attempts do I have in my mobile application?

    If you insert a wrong code five times in a row, your device will be “un-paired”, and you will not be allowed to access the mobile app. The app will then ask you to perform the “pairing” again, using the internet banking log-in number and password and an authorisation SMS code.

  • How can I confirm my payments in mobile application?

    You can authorize payments with the passcode you selected when pairing the application or fingerprint.

  • What operations can I perform in my mobile application?

    Your mobile application gives you a complete overview of your finances and the ability to manage them. You can make domestic payments and maintain recurrent payments. You can also manage your payment card and change your PIN and limits for card payments. If necessary, you can also block your card in the app.

    It is possible to call our Customer service via the app as verified customer. Log in to your Equa bank mobile app, choose the user button (right bottom corner), click on the blue button Contact, and then choose Call. Verification is successful only if you call from the telephone number.

  • Where do I set a biometric authentication?

    You may allow biometric login during pairing process. Also it is possible to allow biometric authentication for payments, card management and login in the user tab with your name – the “Settings” section.

  • Where do I set-up a profile picture and who will see it?
    A profile picture can be set up easily in the third tab in the menu – in the “Profile” section. The picture will be shown to Equa bank clients in their mobile banking when they make a payment and display the counterparty of the transaction.
  • How can I change the mobile application code?

    You can change the passcode in the “Settings” section in the user tab. You need to know the original passcode to change it. In case you don’t remember the passcode simply unpair or uninstall the app. Then you chose new passcode during new pairing process.

  • Where can I download the mobile app?

    To download the app, go to your Google Play or App store and find Equa bank.

  • How do I log into my mobile application for the first time?

    For security reasons, the mobile application must be “paired” with your internet banking. The activation is simple – you just need to insert your internet banking log-in number and password and the authorisation SMS code. During the “pairing” process, you will be asked to select a unique code. You will use this code to access the app and authorise all active operations and payments.

  • How do I set my phone as the authorization phone?

    In the mobile app under user tab in the Settings tab, in the Security section, click on Set your authorization phone and choose your mobile as the authorization phone. Via application you may confirm login to internet banking, domestic payment and online card transactions.

Telephone banking


  • What is the limit for one-time payments?

    There are no limits for one-time payments. A one-time order can be placed up to the amount of available account balance. If there is a fee associated with the transaction, you must retain sufficient funds in your account.

  • Can I cancel entered payment with future date?

    Yes, you can cancel it in your Internet Banking in the section "Waiting Room", or at any branch of Equa bank.

    To cancel recurring payment, look into your internet banking, section Standing payments or you can manage it in mobile application

  • What are the payment processing cut-off times?
    For payment processing cut-off times, see the Conditions for payment services (see Document Centre).
  • What is IBAN and where do I get it?

    "IBAN is an acronym for "International Bank Account Number", which is used for payments to/from abroad (i.e. foreign payments).Your IBAN can be found in your Internet banking, section "Settings/Account Details", in mobile app in the account detail or on the account statement.

  • What is SWIFT/BIC code and where can I get it?

    Clients of Equa bank can find SWIFT/BIC code on the bank account statement, on the bank’s website at www.equabank.cz, or at the customer service phone number +420 222 010 222.

  • How can I submit europayment/SEPA payment?

    To submit a europayment/SEPA payment, fill in the form SEPA in internet banking or in mobile app. Europayments/SEPA payment are transfers to/from EU/EEA countries in currency EUR with SHA fee type and executed with standard priority. It is required to enter the payee's account number in international IBAN format.

  • Definitions of types of fees

    Information about the types of fees, see Document centre - Terms and conditions of payment services.

  • What required information do I have to provide to the payer for an international payment?

    In order to make an international payment or to receive it, the required information is:

    SEPA payment/europayment is sufficient following:

    • IBAN,

    • Recipient’s name and address (account holder),

    • Recipient’s country code,

    • Purpose of the payment.

    For foreign payment you need to include also following:

    • IBAN or the recipient’s account number in any standardised format,

    • Recipient’s bank SWIFT/BIC code,

    • Recipient’s name and address,

    • Recipient’s country code,

    • Name and address of the recipient’s bank,

    • Recipient’s bank country code,

    • Purpose of the payment.

Personal / Contact details

Discounted mobile tariffs

Open Banking

  • What does the term Open Banking mean?
    In simple terms, it is making selected customer data available to various entities. To whom and what can be made available is described in the following questions. In this terminology, the terms API and webAPI are often used, representing a uniform communication method between two parties. An equally known term is the abbreviation PSD 2, which is an abbreviation for the second version of the Payment Services Directive covering the internal market, drafted by the European Parliament. This Directive has served as a basis for the new Czech Payment Services Act, which is valid from 13 January 2018.
  • Why has the internet banking been enhanced with the new item “Access to Accounts” in the Settings section?
    Open Banking enables you to obtain information about all your accounts as well as to perform payments through other service providers. In this menu, you will find a list of authorisations granted to individual entities, the length of their validity, including the option to withdraw the authorisation. You will also find their individual access history here.
  • What does granting of access to an account mean for me specifically?
    You can use the information on your accounts in connection with other services. Typically, this may concern an overview of all your transactions from the accounts with various banks. You can also follow your regular expenses. In the case of a loan application, you may grant consent to a loan provider to download an account statement from your account, so that you do not have to document your income.
  • How can I grant an authorisation to access my account?
    You may grant an authorisation directly in the internet browser on the website of the service provider or using a specific application. With the increasing number of providers, you will be able to grant an authorisation in the internet banking as well. From the website of the service provider or the application, you will always be redirected to our website to enter your login data you use to enter your internet banking.
  • What information will be accessed by the provider?

    If you allow the service entitled “Account Information Service” in the application, the provider will have information about all your accounts, their balances, and transactions. The validity of the authorisation is set to 90 days; after the validity expires, the authorisation needs to be assigned again. The authorisation may also be cancelled at any time. Some applications enable setting up a payment transaction from your account only with your consent and according to our authorisation rules. It is a single authorisation and you must assign it to every payment.

  • Can the service provider get to the information about my accounts without my consent?
    No. No service provider can get to this information without your confirmation.
  • Am I obliged to grant access to accounts?
    The option of making your data accessible to another provider is purely upon you. If you are not interested in the service, Open Banking does not impact on you in any way.
  • Security of Open Banking services

    The list of providers of these services is regulated by the Czech National Bank. Adding an authorisation goes hand in hand with our security principles and rules. However, be careful when it comes to applications from unknown sources and unsecured websites. You can read more on security online in the Security guidelines section on our website.

Online payments

  • Do I really have to set up this authentication?
    The new European legislation requires using a higher level of authentication, which makes online payments even more secure and helps prevent fraud. If you do not set a preferred phone or E-PIN by 26 September, 2019, you will not be able to use a card for online payments when you are asked to authenticate a payment. Please make sure you are ready and check your card settings on your mobile phone and Internet banking.
  • How are online payments authenticated exactly?
    Mastercard Identity Check analyzes every online payment made with your card and determines whether the payment was really made by you and does not require further authentication with a text message code. That means that all payments are monitored in real time and most of them are approved immediately, so they are processed smoothly and easily. If a further level of security is required, you will be asked during payment to verify your identity in our mobile banking. It’s really that simple.
  • I don’t want to use a mobile app. Will I still be able to shop online?
    Of course! You don’t have to use mobile banking to make secure payments. You can also authenticate payments using an authorization code from a text message and E-PIN, which you set easily in your Internet banking. However, we recommend using the mobile app, as it really is the easiest way to shop quickly and securely.
  • How does it all work?

    1. As soon as you click on “Pay for order” in an e-shop, the authentication process is launched and the transaction risk is monitored in real time.

    2. Transactions with a low risk may be approved without any further steps. Only when a higher level of authentication is needed will you be asked to authorize the payment in our mobile banking or by using a E-PIN code and authorization code from a text message.

    3. You open the app using a push notification in your mobile phone and then approve the payment. If you don’t have our mobile app, you will have to set a E-PIN.

    4. The merchant receives a confirmation and your order is then completed.

  • How and where do I set my E-PIN in my mobile and Internet banking?
    Set your E-PIN after you sign into your Internet banking in the Cards tab, or in the mobile banking app in your profile in the Cards tab.
  • How do I allow notifications from the Equa bank mobile app?

    After you sign in, click on your profile on the bottom right bar, go to Settings in the upper left corner and in the Services section in Settings allow notifications, so that we can send you notifications through the mobile app.

  • How do I set my phone as the authorization phone for online payments?
    In the mobile app under your profile in the Settings tab, in the Security section, click on Set your authorization phone and choose your mobile as the authorization phone for mobile online payments.
  • What’s the difference between a PIN and E-PIN?
    A PIN is used to confirm payments when you withdraw money from an ATM and when you pay with your card at Points of Sale. An E-PIN is only for card payments online.
  • Can my PIN and E-PIN be the same?
    Yes, these two codes are independent and can be identical.
  • What should I do if the E-PIN code is blocked?

    E-PIN code is automatically unblocked the next day. If you can’t wait, you can authenticate through our mobile app or you can call to our customer service.

  • How to set up E-PIN in internet banking?

    1. Go to the Cards tab in your Internet Banking and click the settings icon or click on your card number to access your card settings:

    2. At the end of the list, select Change E-PIN:

    3. Set up your E-PIN, it can have 4 - 8 numbers:

    4. Confirm with password and authorization SMS and you're done:


  • For which online card payments is Mastercard ID Check verification needed?
    All online card payments in EU are subjected to an internal risk assessment. After this evaluation, we will either approve the payment or request your verification.
  • Can I turn off SMS code verification for online card payments?

    No. New European Union legislation demands upper level authentication to provide more security and to prevent card fraud.

  • What should I do if the SMS code is blocked?

    SMS code is automatically unblocked the next day. If you can’t wait, you can authenticate through our mobile app or you can call to our customer service.

Deposit-enabled ATMs

  • What is the fee for deposits in EUR and USD?
    For deposits in EUR and/or USD there is a 0.5% fee on the deposited sum.
  • Can I deposit CZK, EUR and USD during a single deposit transaction?
    Yes, you can. You can deposit all three currencies at our deposit-enabled ATMs at once in any order. Our machine sorts the banknotes and posts the money to your accounts. ATM does not accept $1 and $2 banknotes. Please note that your card needs to be linked to the foreign currency account in order to deposit foreign exchange banknotes.
  • How many banknotes can I deposit at once?
    You can deposit up to 200 banknotes at one time at our deposit-enabled ATMs.
  • How do I connect a foreign currency account to my payment card?
    It’s easy to connect a foreign currency account to your payment card in your Internet banking in the Cards – Card settings section, where there is an Added foreign currency accounts tabYour foreign currency current account can be easily linked to the payment card either in your mobile application in your Profile > Cards > Accounts linked to card or in your internet banking Cards > Card settings > Added foreign currency accounts.
  • Do I have to somehow sort the banknotes while deposit?
    No, there is no need to sort banknotes. Please only insert banknotes straightened, folded, without bent corners, undamaged and dirty.
  • How do I open a foreign currency account?
    Foreign currency account (EUR or USD) is available to clients who already have Equa bank current accout in CZK. You can open the foreign currency account in your internet banking. Opening and maintenance of a foreign currency account are free.
  • At the time of deposit, the ATM showed me that some of the banknotes were marked as suspicious. What should I do?
    You don't have to do anything. Your entire deposit amount has been credited to your account, only the amount of suspicious banknotes has been temporarily blocked. The suspicious banknotes will be manually scanned no later than 30 days (but most likely sooner). If the banknotes are evaluated as genuine, the blocking will be cancelled. In the event that even a subsequent check evaluates the banknotes as suspicious, they are forwarded to the CNB. The deadline for assessing banknotes at the CNB is 60 days. In total it may take up to 90 days to assess the banknotes.