• Savings account with a notice period

    The savings account with a notice period of 33 days is in CZK, and offers a higher interest rate on free funds than a savings account without a notice period.

    A savings account with a notice period can only be opened along with a current account.

    AmountInterest rate
    up to 25 000 000 CZK0.15% p.a.
    over 25 000 000 CZK0.01% p.a.

    Detailed conditions are specified in the  Product Terms and Conditions.

  • Transfer of Funds

    Easy transfer of funds using internet banking.
    Funds may be sent from the account with a notice period of 33 days.
    Incoming domestic payments are not restricted in any way and are free of charge. Foreign payments are charged according to the Price List.
  • No fees

    You do not pay any fees for standard services.

    Within a savings account is free:

    • opening of savings account with a notice period
    • maintenance of savings account with a notice period
    • internet and telephone banking
    • incoming domestic payments
    • outgoing payments within 33 days notice period
  • Control via Internet Banking

    Online, free, anytime, and anywhere.

    A savings account can be managed via internet banking, where you can also grant access privileges to other parties.

  • Open an account in a few minutes

    A new savings account can be established at one of our branches or over the internet. All you need is an ID card and proof of your authorization to conduct business.

    If you want to open an account from your home or office, simply click "Open an account online." A courier will deliver the agreement to you free of charge, anywhere you wish.