• Doctor on hand 24 hours a day

    Provides important information whenever you need it.

    With Health assistance you have a doctor at your disposal nonstop. Over the phone, get answers to your health questions and find out the nearest physician, emergency room, or pharmacy.

    Also easily find the details of your medical reports and the meaning of your lab results, as well as the effects of individual medications.
  • Above standard hospital stay

    Count on a superior level of accommodation in the hospital.

    If you require hospitalization due to an illness or injury, the insurance will arrange and pay for upgraded accommodation.

    And if you must spend more than 10 days in the hospital, you will receive a one-time financial compensation.
    If your child is hospitalized, the insurance will pay the cost of your accommodation in the hospital or in the surrounding area.
  • Hospital discharge and medication reimbursement

    No need to worry about getting to the doctor and buying or being reimbursed for medication.

    A hospital stay is rarely a pleasant experience. That is why we offer services that make your involuntary hospitalization as satisfying as possible.

    You don’t have to worry about getting home from the hospital. Your transport is organize and paid for by your insurance. This also applies to follow-up visits to the doctor or hospital.
    In addition, we provide purchase and reimbursement payments for prescribed medications related to your hospitalization / convalescence.
  • You can relax at home

    Cleaning, washing, ironing, and shopping - leave it to us.

    When you are relaxed, you recover more quickly. For this reason, twice per week, for the first two weeks after your release from the hospital, take advantage of these services so you can focus on getting better.

    We take care of your housekeeping, laundry, and ironing, and we will buy common household necessities (food, hygiene items, supplies for pets).
  • Settle your insurance over the internet or at a branch

    A few minutes and it’s done.

    Arranging insurance is easy through Internet banking or in the insurance section of any of our branches.

    Insurance is valid from the next day.