• What we offer

    Health assistance covers a range of risks and life situations.

    Personalized service allows you to focus on your health and accelerates healing after hospitalization. Additionally, you have a doctor at your fingertips.
    Risks insuredAmount insured
    Doctor by phone
    • consultation for medical conditions
    • information about the nearest doctor, emergency room, or pharmacy
    • explanation of medical terms
    • explanation of lab results
    • information about medications and their effects
    • explain medical procedures, general treatment of specific conditions
    • explanation of terms for pregnancy-related issues
    whenever needed or for particular health problems 
    Superior accommodation
    • accommodation in an upgraded room if you are hospitalized
    10 000 CZK
    Accommodation for you if your child is in a medical facility
    • if a child under the age of 15 is hospitalized
    5 000 CZK
    Accommodation for relatives
    • provides accommodation near the hospital for relatives
    5 000 CZK
    Financial compensation for a hospital stay
    • if hospitalization lasts more than 10 days
    5 000 CZK
    Transport from the hospital / accompaniment to doctor (taxi, ambulance service, etc.)
    • transportation on the day of hospital discharge
    • transport for follow-up visits after hospitalization
    2 500 CZK
    Purchase and reimbursement payments for medications
    • handles the purchase and delivery of prescribed drugs
    • additional payments for prescription drugs related to hospitalization
    3x for up to 21 days after discharge from hospital / drug reimbursement max. 500 CZK
    • provides cleaning of your home after being released into home care
    2x for up to 14 days after discharge from hospital
    • provides washing and ironing of clothes after being released into home care
    Purchase of common household necessities
    • ensures the purchase of food, toiletries, and supplies for pets