Make your current loan cheaper by CZK 20,000 on average 

Customize your instalments yourself as you prefer.

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  • Making loans cheaper

    On average you pay CZK 20,000 more for your current loan than it is necessary. Switch your loan to us and save. 

    And we also guarantee you the lowest instalment on the market now.

  • PROMO Bonus of CZK 2,000 for ReLoan

    Transfer your loan of at least CZK 100,000 (including any loan increase) from another bank to us and get a bonus of CZK 2,000.

    When to look forward to a bonus:

    You transfer your loan of at least CZK 100,000 from another bank to us.

    You have a loan of, say, CZK 60,000 with another bank, you transfer it to us and increase it with additional CZK 40,000.

    You have, say, a Minute Loan of CZK 20,000 and an Overdraft of CZK 20,000 with us. You have these two loans consolidated by us and take out an additional loan of CZK 100,000.

    The Campaign applies to both existing and new customers. Check the Terms and Conditions of the Campaign.

  • It’s up to you how much you’ll pay

    Set the amount of your monthly instalments and payment period in order to make them more convenient than the current loan
  • Without unnecessary fees

    We won't charge you unnecessary fees.  Set-up and maintenance - both free of charge.
  • Quick loan switching

    Find out how much cheaper we can make your instalments in 3 minutes. And in a few days you’ll have your loan conveniently switched to our bank.
  • No collateral needed

    You’ll get your loan without the need to secure other property against it.
  • You can borrow up to a total CZK 800,000

    On average you pay CZK 20,000 more for your current loan than it is necessary. Switch your loan to us and save.
  • Simple loan switching

    We’ll do all paperwork for you, you don’t need to contact the original loan provider anymore.

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Representative example

Loan amount of CZK 100 000 for 60 months with a monthly instalment of CZK 1 878, fixed annual interest rate of 4.8% p.a., and APR of 4.9%. Total amount payable by the consumer – CZK 112 680.