• PLUS Mortgage Loan – obtain up to 100 % for your house

    We will help you fulfil your dreams.

    Wanting to live in your own home, but being unable to obtain a mortgage loan as a single applicant?
    Our Mortgage Loan concluded with your parents or relatives enables us to provide you 100 % of the amount needed to purchase your property.


    • Guarantees for parents and relatives – release of their property following a partial mortgage loan repayment, subject to the terms and conditions agreed in the contract
    • Option of a free partial early repayment to release the guarantee of the parents at any time during the mortgage loan
  • Topping up your current mortgage loan

    Obtaining additional funds is easy.

    Do you have a mortgage loan with us? Would you like to top it up?

    Our offer means additional funding at a favourable interest rate for you. On top of that, we will not request a new valuation of your property or a pledge agreement.

  • Extraordinary installment free of charge

    Pay your mortgage even faster - without charge

    And not only in period of interest rate changes (fixation). You can prepay once a year amount up to 25% of the loan amount (always in the 30 days before the anniversary of signing the mortgage contract).

  • What can I use a mortgage for?

    Choose, for what purpose you can use your mortgage.

    • To buy an apartment, house, holiday cottage or building plot
    • The construction or reconstruction of real estate (for drawing not need to submit invoices)
    • To settle ownership (eg. community property, inheritance)
    • Reimbursement for costs invested in real estate, up to 1 year back

  • A mortgage without unreasonable fees

    Things that you usually pay for with most mortgages, are free with ours.

    With our mortgage you get:

    • Free mortgage origination
    • Free management and administration of your mortgage loan
    • Except from the Land Register to draw the mortgage loan, which we will also secure for you
    • Free 1. - 4. drawdown
    • Free checking account and card withdrawals from all ATMs
  • We will lend you up to 90% of the property’s value

    Your mortgage conforms to your needs - it is transparent and has useful options.

    To buy, construct or reconstruct apartment or house we will provide up to 90% of the property value used as collateral of the loan. 
    Our mortgage advisors will advise you with ensuring a property estimate. If you purchase an apartment and the conditions are met, we will ensure an online appraisal free of charge.

    Overview of cooperating external appraisers.

    Basic parameters of a purpose mortgage

    Mortgage amountfrom 300 000 CZK to 90% of the value of your property
    Imbursmentup to 24 months after loan approval - Assigned to the seller's account + 20% for the financing of small renovations to your account without proof of invoices
    Interest ratea fixed term of  3, 5, 7 and 10 years
    Repayment period5 to 30 years
    Instalmentsmonthly annuity payment, fixed for the duration of the interest rate
    Mortgage collateralresidential property, completed and approved, in good condition

    Variations of mortgage

    Mortgage PROPRO loan for entrepreneurs
    Mortgage FITa FIT Mortgage can take into account your credit history and minor registry entries
  • Our interest rates are among the lowest

    Mortgages with favorable interest rate from 4.79% p.a.

    This rate mortgages you get it from CZK 1 000 000 and up to 80% of the property value.

    What affects the interest rate?
    • Percentage of the property’s value you are planning to borrow
    • Amount you plan to finance

    Benchmark interest rates:

    FixationInterest rate
    3 years  from 4.79% p.a.
    5 years  from 4.79% p.a.
    7 years  from 4.79% p.a.
    10 years  from 4.79% p.a.
  • Flexible disbursement of construction and reconstruction

    Disbursement of construction and reconstruction flexible adapts to suit your needs.


    • Disbursement up to 24 months after the loan approval
    • Without proof of invoices
    • Get the money directly to your account or the supplier’s account
    • The loan can be drawn immediately and your private resources can be used later
  • A mortgage that won’t jeopardize your budget

    With insurance, you can avoid any concerns that might compromise your budget.

    With this mortgage you can arrange for convenient payment protection insurance, as well as property and home insurance.

  • Easy mortgage

    At our first meeting we will help you to evaluate the best mortgage options for you.

    You can apply for a mortgage at any one of our branches. Make an appointment with a mortgage adviser through our contact form by clicking on the button "Arrange a meeting".

Representative example

Loan amount: CZK 2,000,000; term: 30 years; total number of instalments: 361; monthly payment: CZK 10,724; five-year fixed interest rate: 4.99% p.a.; APR: 5.14%; total amount to be paid by the consumer: CZK 3,872,488. Fees associated with the loan: zero fee for provision of the mortgage loan; zero monthly account management fee; zero mortgage management and administration fee; zero monthly fee for payment protection insurance. In addition to the above, you will incur the following costs in connection with the mortgage: assumed costs for real estate appraisal in the amount of CZK 5,000 (in case of a residential unit); costs of registration of the mortgage right concerning the real estate in the Land Registry in the expected amount of CZK 2,000; fee paid to the bank for sending the instruction to de-register the mortgage right and other rights from the Land Registry upon termination of the mortgage loan in the expected amount of CZK 500 together with the costs of the proceedings before the Land Registry Office in the expected amount of CZK 2,000; costs of authentication of signatures in the expected amount of CZK 30; costs of an extract or copy of an entry from the Land Registry in the amount of CZK 300. All of the above items are included in the APR. In addition, property insurance is required. The loan is secured by a mortgage right concerning the real estate.