• MAX Savings account

    We do not require a minimum deposit or balance on the account.

    Interest on MAX Savings account:

    MAX Savings Account
    up to CZK 500,000
    above CZK 500,000

    HIT Savings account
    up to CZK 200,000
    up to 3%

    it is 0.1% + BONUS 2.9%

    above CZK 200,000 

    Interest rates are o annual basis (p.a.)

    Example for SA MAX: If the account balance is CZK 1,500,000 the amount of CZK 500,000 is paid interest on at the rate of 0,1% p. a. and the amount of CZK 1,000,000 is paid interest on at the rate of 1% p. a.

  • Free - without fees

    There is not a single charge to keep you from using your money to earn maximum interest.

    • Free to open a savings account
    • Free account management
    • Free internet and mobile banking
  • Your money is always available

    Unlike with a term deposit, your can always have access to your money without losing your favorable interest rate.

    Your savings account can be controlled via internet or mobile banking, which is available for free.