• More secure online shopping

    Protect your online card purchases with smart authentication. This is a new security standard arising from European Union legislation. You will always need to have your mobile phone on hand for smart authentication.

    You can authenticate online payments either through our mobile app or with an authorization code from a text message and the E-PIN, which you set beforehand in your Internet banking. How to set up E-PIN you can find in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

    Download our Equa bank mobile app for iOS or Android.

  • How does authentication work?

    The Online card payments will be authenticated using the Mastercard® Identity Check technology, which analyses every online payment made with your card and determines whether it should be authenticated or not.

    When authentication is needed, you will do so easily through our mobile banking app, just as you are used to authenticating outgoing payments from your mobile phone – with a fingerprint, facial recognition or code sign-in. 

    If you don’t have our mobile banking app, you will be asked to enter an authorization code received in a text message and your E-PIN on the merchant’s website.

  • Online payments are easier with our mobile app

    If you don’t want to rewrite the authorization codes from text messages and enter the E-PIN or other passwords, start using our mobile app – it’s easier and secure.

    All you have to do is update your mobile banking application, sign into the app like you usually do and have a authorizaton phone for payment confirmation set and make sure you allow notifications from the app. You can find out how to set your phone in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

    Once you set your phone as authorization you will use the smart authentication also for login and confirming domestic payment in the internet banking. See our step-by-step guide for login to internet banking.

    Download our mobile app for iOS or Android.

  • I use Internet banking

    You need to set up the E-PIN in your internet banking:

    1. 1. Sign in to Internet banking.
    2. 2. Go to the Cards – Settings tab.
    3. 3. Click on Change E-PIN.
    4. 4. Select your E-PIN for online payment confirmation and confirm it again.
    5. 5. When you are redirected to a merchant’s payment gate during an online transaction, simply enter your E-PIN and confirm with the authorization code received in a text message.
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

    If you don’t find an answer to your question here, call our Customer service at 222 010 222.

    How to set up E-PIN in internet banking?
    1. Go to the Cards tab in your Internet Banking and click the settings icon or click on your card number to access your card settings:

    2. At the end of the list, select Change E-PIN:

    3. Set up your E-PIN, it can have 4 - 8 numbers:

    4. Confirm with password and authorization SMS and you're done:

    For which online card payments is Mastercard ID Check verification needed?
    All online card payments in EU are subjected to an internal risk assessment. After this evaluation, we will either approve the payment or request your verification.

    What should I do if the E-PIN code is blocked?
    E-PIN code is automatically unblocked the next day. If you can’t wait, you can authenticate through our mobile app or you can call to our customer service.

    How and where do I set my E-PIN in my mobile and Internet banking?
    Set your E-PIN after you sign into your Internet banking in the Cards tab, or in the mobile banking app in your profile in the Cards tab.

    How do I allow notifications from the Equa bank mobile app?
    After you sign in, click on your profile on the bottom right bar, go to Settings in the upper left corner and in the Services section in Settings allow notifications, so that we can send you notifications through the mobile app.

    How do I set my phone as the authorization phone for online payments?
    In the mobile app under your profile in the Settings tab, in the Security section, click on Set your authorization phone and choose your mobile as the authorization phone for mobile online payments.

    What’s the difference between a PIN and E-PIN?
    A PIN is used to confirm payments when you withdraw money from an ATM and when you pay with your card at Points of Sale. An E-PIN is only for card payments online.

    Can my PIN and E-PIN be the same?
    Yes, these two codes are independent and can be identical.

    If you have any further question about online payments, click here.